Life, life, and more life,
on the farm.
When looking at Knapp Ranch as a living, working, farm, we start with founder Bud Knapp’s philosophy and apply it to every decision we make. In Bud’s words; “We wanted to fit exactly what the environment gave us. What did the land give us, rather than what we can get from the land. And that value is critical to the execution of designs, and the craftsmanship, use of wood and stone and so forth.” The farm is committed to regenerative organic farming practices at 9,000 feet. All agricultural activities are monitored and adjusted on a regular basis in response to both the opportunities and constraints of fluctuating water resources, soil composition, microclimate impacts, and the unpredictable effects of a changing climate. Areas of the farm are experimenting with incorporating naturally occurring nutrient elevators (such as the deep-rooted comfrey), nitrogen-fixing plants (such as Siberian pea), and aromatic pest confusers (such as non-invasive herbs and scented perennials). Flowers (such as yarrow and coreopsis) are integrated throughout the orchard to attract and maintain beneficial insects. While we couldn’t be prouder of the healthy environments and food sources the farm provides, the most enriching product that comes from its care and tending, is innovation. The knowledge we gain by adapting to the gifts of land is the guiding light for what and how we grow next. We hope to be an example and inspiration for the future of agriculture.