Promoting healthy forests
The health and resiliency of our forest and watershed are a top priority, and we actively seek out ways to protect them. This largely consists of accurately interpreting and responding to what the data shows. Working with Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division, we allocate personnel and infrastructure to investigate plans and practices to restore ecosystem resiliency. A renewable forest management plan, monitored on an annual basis by a Colorado State Forester, helps us sustain healthy and vigorous tree stands of varying ages, species, and structural variety. Lodgepole pines, harvested from our property, are milled on-site into lumber for retail sale or for our own use building and selling custom furniture. Beetle-kill lodgepole typically carries with it a recognizable blue stain streaked through parts of the wood fiber, a residual from a fungus deposited by the beetles. Its dramatic natural character enhances the beauty of the tables, benches, chairs, and other furniture that are designed, manufactured and displayed at the ranch.