Learning from those who came bee-fore us.

Our bees

From Slovenian bee houses, to sourcing from local farms, to cultivating sustainable environments, we’ve learned a lot from history and experts both past and present—that knowledge really sticks when it comes to helping our bees. (And it makes our honey that much sweeter.)

By far the hardest workers at Knapp Ranch, our honeybees perpetuate a seamless habitat up and down the Eagle valley. Bees from our 29 hives are continually enriching flowers, fruit trees, and crops, as well as other natural ecosystems in the national forest and wilderness areas surrounding the ranch. Working up and down the valley in different microclimates has given us hands-on experience with the challenges of raising bees.

The beekeepers of Knapp Ranch are researching the benefits of apitherapy, and the use of beehive products including pollen, propolis, royal jelly, wax, hive air, and bee venom in alternative medicine and cosmetic products.

Hives and houses

Our hives are from Slovenia and live in wooden structures, patterned from Slovenian bee houses. Designed to withstand the quickly changing climatic conditions of our high mountain environment.

save the bee

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our honey products goes toward SAVE the BEE, a partnership of researchers, beekeepers, businesses, and consumers committed to protecting honeybee health. Look for the SAVE the BEE symbol on our honey products.

Vail Valley Live visits a real bee hive with Knapp Harvest / Knapp Nectar.