Learning as we grow.
Welcome to Knapp Ranch. An elevated exploration of nature’s gifts.
We love the land.
What it teaches us. What it gifts to us.
When the land speaks,
We listen.

We build from the trees. We grow from the soil. We produce from the air, sun, and snow.

Whatever gifts nature gives us, we accept – and reciprocate. We are stewards of the land. Nourishing, preserving, discovering, and sharing.

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Knapp Garden Center is open

Shop our selection of beautiful flowers both annual and perennial, as well as our delicious veggie starters, herbs, bushes, shrubs, trees, soil amendments, and so much more!

Visit us today in Eagle, Colorado!


Create and Initiate

We build from the trees. We grow from the soil. We learn from the land.

mushrooms WE LOVE

Discover the many health benefits of mushrooms. All are available for purchase at Knapp Harvest.