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Delicious, nourishing honey. What could be sweeter?

Knapp's Nectar

Knapp’s Nectar honey is gathered from the 29 hives (and growing!) we manage up and down the Eagle Valley and blended to create Knapp’s Nectar Eagle Valley Wildflower Honey.

Carmen, our Master Beekeeper bottles honey separately from each area where we keep hives. When she collects the honey within 50 Miles of the hive it is considered a hyper-local honey to that area.

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What is a hyper- local honey?

A hyper-local honey is a honey that comes from a specific area or micro-climate, where the bees are feeding from the specific flora and fauna that grows in that area. The colors and flavors of these honeys can differ dramatically from each other. A honey tasting from these separate honeys shows the differences.

Knapp’s Nectar hyper-local honeys:

Lake Creek Honey: Delicate and floral from our area wildflowers. The color is light with a golden hue.

Colorow Creek, Cordillera Honey: Slightly richer in flavor and color. The wildflowers up this valley add a beautiful floral tone not present in the other types of honey.

Eagle/Gypsum Honey: Thick, darker in color, and very rich in flavor. We believe it is the rabbit brush that lends the characteristics to this wonderful honey elixir.

Our honey is available for purchase at Knapp Harvest.

Our extra-fine grade raw wildflower honey is derived from a unique blend of native Colorado wildflowers, fruit tree blossoms, and annual and perennial flowers. We sell honey from our own hives as well as products sourced from the United States and other small producers whose hives range from the high mountain environments to the rich and fertile Colorado River Valley.

Additional Products

Lip balms, body creams, and other honey-based, therapeutic products available for purchase at Knapp Harvest and the Knapp Garden Center.

For more information about our hives, houses, and our bee program, check out our Bees page.