Cultivating nature's abundance and our own curiosity.
The planting of a dream.

Osage Garden's Story

In 1992, Tom and Sarah Rumery, organic farmers from Boulder, found their dream property: twenty acres of prime agricultural land located in New Castle, Colorado. The farm started with tomatoes and expanded to basil and other culinary herbs to support local chefs and shifting local tastes. Within a decade, greenhouses occupied three of their 20 acres. At the same time, their significant customer base exploded to include small regional natural grocers and Whole Foods stores in the greater Rocky Mountain region.

Knapp Ranch purchased Osage Gardens from the Rumerys in 2020, with the intent to continue the high quality, certified organic production standards and community-based agriculture. Osage Gardens aligns with the Ranch’s commitment to regenerative 0rganic farming and Colorado’s agricultural heritage. Manager Jared McDermott continues to oversee day-to-day operations, ensuring the quality standards established by the Rumerys continue.

The Burgeoning Philosophy

Our partnership with Osage Gardens is grounded in a philosophy of sustainably growing nutrient-rich organic produce. This means practices that encourage biodiversity, pollination, wildlife conservation, healthy soils, and clean water —everything we can do to nourish an ecologically resilient landscape. We believe everyone deserves to know where their food comes from, so we follow the seeds. We know where the seeds come from, when they were planted, how they were fertilized, when they were harvested, and how they were packaged. We even know the composition of the soil they grow in. With over 30 years of dirt under our fingernails, we know what our customers want. Our knack for producing quality culinary herbs in a hands-on growing environment is evident in the thousands of pounds of produce we distribute throughout the intermountain West on a weekly basis.

The Growing Gardens

Osage Gardens now grows over twenty varieties of certified organic culinary herbs. Osage Gardens herbs are available in select natural grocers and at Whole Foods stores across the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, and parts of Texas. We pride ourselves on our products, which we grow using resilient and regenerative farming practices. Our highly integrated methods of composting and crop rotation enrich the naturally rich and fertile soils of the Colorado River floodplain on which our farm is located. Our methods are dynamic and self-renewing which means we don’t need chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial inputs.